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happy4us's Journal

Share the Joy
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We know we're not happy by nature. Life is usually uncomfortable and dificult to bear. This community is for anybody that wants to see the good side of life. Post your triumphs and joys here so we can all be happy for you.

1) No detailed accounts of your depressive episode, your panic attack, or otherwise upsetting behavior.

2) If you're having a bad day, that's fine. Post a brief entry to let us know, and know that someone is thinking of you.

3) I see a lot of communities where people try to "out sick," or "out sad" eachother. As this is a community to share our ups, let's try to do the same with our strengths and joys.

4) No matter what, do not burst someone's bubble. If they're happy about finding a quarter, do not tell them you found ten dollar