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Life is good

Let's talk about the important stuff. My grandmother--the one who told me that the mentally ill just need to pray harder--has come to the conclusion that she has a disease that sometimes makes her cough, and I have a disease that sometimes makes me cry. We both benifit from medication and other forms of treatment, and it has nothing to do with how hard we pray.

Most people don't realize what a breakthrough this is for me and my grandmother. Now, if I could outline how I love Jesus--he had some great things to say, set up some really logical lifestyle tips, and was a total feminist--but don't consider myself a Christian without giving her heart failure, she and I will be on great terms. She even knows that the whole eating disorder wasn't entirely a weight loss thing.

She listened, and she understood. It's like one more knot in my back has uncurled.

Now, there are work things to discuss. I didn't make shit, but I'm not complaining. I had a lot of great guests, and they were easy to take care of. If I don't have to do much, I guess I can't expect huge tips, right? I just kept drinks filled.

Well, there were these two black ladies that I just knew were going to be dificult. I went over to them, and I was my bright and cheery self. They started asking all these questions about our refillable drinks, so I was thinking "No tip! Run away!" But, as the conversation progressed, I realized that they really did want a drink they had to pay for, but we didn't have anything to fit the bill.

One of the ladies told me to suggest alternative drinks to management, and I gave her the RFT web address and told her to write to the main office with her suggestion..."and be sure to tell them that Maggie was a joy to have for a server," I joked. Both ladies laughed, and the one said she'd be sure to do just that.

Later, she had a complaint about the shrimp, and I told her to put it in that letter to RTI..."after you tell them how fabulous Maggie is," I joked again.

Now, I'm pretty sure she's really going to write in to tell them how great I was.

Oooh! And, I almost forgot to mention the cute stoner boy at Outback that kept flirting with me. I told him to end every sentence with "in my pants," and he cracked up. Anyway, I got my check from him, and I saw where he'd written down my Coke order. It's what I drank while I was there (Okay, I was bad), but he'd crossed it out and written water. He didn't charge me for the Cokes I was downing while I was there. Heh....
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