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show me that smile again, don't waste another minute on your crying..

I am.. beyond ecstatic because while on vacation my.. my.. well, i'm not sure what you'd call her, besides just.. well, mine.. my jessie and I got some quality time together. Which translates to.. I got smoochies from the most gorgeous glittering dancing fairy magic genie mermaid girl EVER. And..

Me: Are you my girl?
Her: Always.

*wipes big crocodile tear away*

I can honestly say that it's been worth the bad times, the fighting, the space and time we both needed to grow and mature, and the space and time we both still need.. for us to have gotten to the place we are now. To the comfort zone, the one where there's no pressure, no jealousy, no worries and just.. love. Just friendship. Just us.

Just lying together in bed watching Friends and Roseanne reruns. Little things that others take for granted when they aren't trying to stage a really intense long distance relationship while being essentially too young and insecure to do anything about it being long distance.

I'm just.. so happy that things are going so well for me right now in that area.

It more than makes up for almost the entire rest of that vacation sucking beyond the telling of it.

baby you and me, we gotta be
the luckiest dreamers that never quit dreaming
as long as we keep on givin'
we can take anything that comes our way
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